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4 Ways to Keep Yourself Busy During Quarantine

It is difficult to feign normalcy and remain sane when you are not allowed to leave houses and follow your normal routines. It is quite difficult to stay positive during these rough times as most of us keep slipping into the age old bad habits that are not good for our mental or physical health. For me, staying occupied helps. So, here are 5 ways that will keep you busy and sane during quarantine. 

Declutter The Clutter

Most of us are facing difficulties during the lockdown because of all the stress surrounding the lockdown. We do not follow our regular routines which often causes anxiety. Well, cleaning your house will help you not only to de-clutter the clutter in your house but also the anxiety and stress that has been building up inside you. “A man with a chaotic house has a chaotic mind.” You might have heard this phrase. This holds its worth especially in the situation we are in. With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, you must keep your house organized. 

Cleaning your house will help you make good use of the excess time that you have in your hands during the lockdown. A cluttered home can cause uneasiness. You already have a lot to deal with. You don’t want to fill up your head with more stress. Also, cleaning your house will keep you engrossed in work which will help you keep your mind off from all the stress and tensions. Keep your house tidy and take full care of your hygiene. 

Turn on The Gaming Mode

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Even though almost 67 percent of Americans already play video games, becoming a gamer may seem like a difficult challenge. So why not take up this challenge during lockdown and use the extra time to enjoy some exciting multiplayer games. Yes, of-course, the peripherals, titles, and the range of consoles may feel like an insurmountable task to figure out exactly where to begin, but it is not like you have other important things to do. 

Despite how steep the learning curve may appear, there are several games that I suggest you should play. Euro Truck Simulator 2, Call of Duty Warzone, The Sims, Portal series, and my personal favorite Valorant. At the end of last year, Riot games announced that they were working on a brand new first shooter, Valorant. It is one of the biggest games in the market right now. While some people might find some similarities between the game and Counter Strike and even Overwatch. Well, it is a great competitive 5v5 first person shooter for PC. You can even boost your rank to the one that you desire using valorant boosting. So, climb up the ladder of gaming success and make quarantine feel like fun.

Spend Time With Your Living Mates

A couple of my married friends have told me that the quarantine has been a blessing for them as they are now using this situation to actually spend more time with their family and kids. Though it does come up with some challenges especially if you have active young boys in your house, but in all it is great. Having more time with your loved ones will only help you to appreciate your family a lot more. We are so busy with our lives that we rarely spend time getting to know each other more. Yes, that is how our lives have been. 

The fortunate side of being holed up inside your houses is that you get the chance to get up close and personal with the ones you live with. Yes, this is the chance to deepen your relations with the people you are living with and really get to know each other. Also, talking with others actually will help reduce the anxiety and stress that you may have because of the situation. Nobody is used to the situation that we are in. Having someone to share your thoughts with will help you get through these times much better. 

Hone Your Culinary Skills

It goes without saying that these are scary and uncertain times but you and your loved ones still need to feed yourselves. Little do you know that the act of preparing and serving a meal, even a simple one can bring a lot of comfort to both the cook and the diner. If you like me have never ventured into the kitchen to cook before, this is the time to let your inner Gordan Ramsey out. Cooking is a great way to de-stress. And they sure make perfect snapchat and insta pics for your profile. Great, right? 

If you have a decently stocked pantry, use the internet to try out different interesting dishes and serve it to your living mates. Make wonderful meals out of the staples and if you are able to safely go to a store or have groceries delivered to you, then you have infinite dish potential. All you need is a will and enthusiasm to be cheffed up and make use of the excess time you have on your hands. 

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