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5 High-Tech Surfaces That You Might Forget to Clean

The coronavirus turned the whole world into a giant prison but it made us rethink how we clean and maintain overall hygiene. Most vitally, the coronavirus taught us the importance of cleaning areas we ideally tend to forget. For instance, the doorknobs, the car handles, items we touch constantly, light switch area, etc. These areas fall under the high-touch surfaces category. We often touch and use them on a regular basis and for the same reason, they require utmost attention and cleaning. Not only this but these areas develop bacteria and germs instantly. While some high-touch surface areas are obvious (kitchen counter) and easier to remember, you will definitely forget others. So, here are some high-touch surface areas you need to clean and disinfect. 

The Toilet Handle

Since the pandemic, we all have been extremely careful about a lot of things. For example, eating healthy, social distancing, parenting, wearing a mask, and of course, disinfecting courier deliveries and store-bought items. In fact, some of us might also clean the door handles and doorknobs on a regular basis but what about the toilet handle? The bathroom is an integral part of the house and the most vulnerable too because areas like the toilet seat and handle are more prone to catching bacteria. 

So, make sure while cleaning the toilet seat you also clean the toilet handle. The best thing to do is disinfecting the toilet handle with a disinfectant containing alcohol. You can use a wipe, spray the disinfectant over the handle and wipe it thoroughly. Also, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning the toilet handle. 


Whether you wear your sunglasses once in a day or they lie in your bag for several days, you have to clean them. The easiest way to clean sunglasses: use warm water if you don’t have a proper glass cleaning material. You can also use a bar of mild dish soap or a disinfectant that contains less amount of alcohol. In the case of spectacles and lenses use a proper cleaning agent prescribed by the doctor. This will enable you to keep the lenses and the glass material safe and clean at the same time. 

Microwave Oven 

Cleaning your oven is one of the most ignored household chores. The fact that you heat your food in it makes it a risky surface. That’s because if you don’t clean it, the food particles can remain suspended inside the surface and attract unhealthy bacteria. At this time of the pandemic, cleanliness should be a top priority. Well, if you haven’t done it before, you don’t need to stress. You’ll just need vinegar, baking soda, water, and a spray bottle. Mix water and baking soda to make a thick paste. Next, apply it on the surface and leave it for 10-12 hours. After that, dip a cloth in vinegar and scrub off the surface. A clean oven is important because it contributes to hygiene. In the wake of this pandemic, make a habit of cleaning the oven every 3 days for maximum effectiveness.

Steering Wheel

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Forgetting high-touch surfaces is a common thing and steering wheels fall under this category. You have to be extremely sure about how often you clean the steering wheel. For instance, during the pandemic, I am sure you didn’t use your car constantly, but using the steering wheel often does not magically keep the virus away. So, make sure that you clean the steering wheel right before you go out or whenever you have time. For the same, you can use disinfectant wipes or normal cloth and a good disinfectant. Also, don’t forget to clean the gear stick and the seat because the idea is about cleaning areas that are highly touched. Unfortunately, everything inside your car is touched quite often. So, the best thing to do is to clean the car as often as you can. 

Credit Cards and Keys 

These days I have been using my credit cards for a lot of things. For example, recently I helped my friend purchase some bumper stickers because she is running a marketing campaign for the Irvine City Council Election. Moreover, the idea behind cleaning credit cards and keys is not being a snob, it’s simply acting smart. The coronavirus can stay on surfaces such as plastic and metals for a long duration. So, it’s best to be safe than sorry. More vitally, cleaning items like car and home keys will allow you to ensure the safety of others who interact with you on a regular basis. 

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