5 Most Haunted Places of the World

5 Most Haunted Places of the World

People absolutely love all things spooky and scary, they not only love listening to ghost stories and watching horror movies but they also love exploring famous haunted places too. Why is the horror genre so popular? Well as per research it is said that any normal human finds pleasure in experiencing something dangerous while they are in a relatively safer surrounding. If we talk about the physical experiences of exploring a haunted palace, mansion or old deserted town, the survival instincts come to the forefront and the person cooks up certain coping strategies to deal with the situation at hand which makes it an entirely nerve wracking but soulful experience. Where some people are horror junkies others do not quite enjoy it as much. It is just a bone in the body which unfortunately not everyone has.

But for our lot of super special horror junkies we have a list of 5 of the most haunted places in the world. These people can visit these places in case they are wanting to experience the horror that is deep rooted in the history of cultures around the world and sometimes even in the folklores and folktales of the local regions. 

Island of the Dolls- Mexico City, Mexico 

There is a special small island that you can find just south of Mexico City. Known as the Isla de las Munecas in the local language, Island of the Dolls is considered to be a super creepy place.The horror of this island originates from the story of a little girl who was found drowned in strange circumstances by Don Julian Santana Barrera, the caretaker of the island. He then was believed to be possessed by the spirit of the dead girl as he went on to hang dolls from trees throughout the island. After 50 years he was also found dead in the same spot where the little girl drowned. Locals also believe that all the dolls that Barrera hung on the trees of the island are also possessed by the spirit of the same dead girl.

Mary King’s Close- Edinburgh, Scotland

In the capital city of Scotland there is a complex underway consisting of a lot of secret passageways and tunnels which is popularly believed to have become haunted over the years. After the outbreak of the plague in 1645, this whole underway was shut down and sealed off from public use. However during the 17th century itself several stories of limbs reaching out from within the walls of this underway and some sort of strange noises reports started doing the rounds amongst the common public. This contributed greatly in spreading the name of this place as a haunted one. 

Leap Castle- Coolderry, Ireland

This stunning castle is nothing short of breathtaking on a good day but no one likes to visit this place and all because of all the horror stories that are commonly shared and believed by many. This castle has been the home to many bloodsheds and violent crimes over the centuries. In the 1900’s the workers apparently discovered the bones of about 150 people in a secret dungeon that was found inside this castle. Even the current owner talks about seeing ghosts almost all the time around the territory. Many visitors have also witnessed the spectacle of the ghosts of a Red Lady and some little girls walking around this castle. So if you aren’t afraid of little girls, after the visit you are sure to be. 

Bhangarh Fort- Rajasthan, India

This was a small town consisting of many bazaars, temples, houses and such but was abandoned by the locals in the year 1783 due to unknown reasons. This area is believed to be haunted due to a strange folklore that has carried over the years. It is said that when this town was thriving with life and activity, a local wizard fell in love with the princess of this town named Ratnavati. When none of his schemes to make her fall in love with him worked out, in his last breath he cursed the whole area and all those who would live there to a lifetime of pain, agony and death with no hope of rebirth. Till this day the locals hear the noises of the people in the bazaars and all those 10,000 past inhabitants of this town at night and this is why they don’t let tourists visit the area without proper permission.

Valley of the Kings- Giza, Egypt

Home to 63 tombs, including the world famous King Tutankhamun’s tomb, the Valley of the Kings is an ancient burial site amidst the beautiful dunes of Giza in Egypt. This absolutely gorgeous tourist site is not only famous due to the stunning surroundings but also due to the stories of ‘King Tut’s mummy’s curse’ on which the movie ‘The Mummy’ was based. According to the curse, anyone who would try to move the mummy from its place, a curse would befall them and they would die a painful death.

Final Thoughts

This list only includes about 5 horror places but if one wants to visit some more there is honestly no shortage. Similar to this if one wants to find the perfect Delta 8 cartridge they can visit for Delta-8 cartridges and go through the list of some of the best ones available in the market. Have a happy haunted exploration guys and a happy Delta-8 experience too!

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