5 Tips to Develop a Healthy Hair Care Routine

5 Tips to Develop a Healthy Hair Care Routine

Taking care of your skin, your hair and your body is the ultimate way for self care. Overtime people have started confusing the aspect of maintaining good routines for the physical aspects of your body with trying to create a fake internet persona. It isn’t a matter of indulging in such practices to look a particular way. Instead the practice of taking care of your body, hair and face is advisable due to it invariably being a huge part of personal care as well.

When one ventures into the field of hair care, what comes to mind are all the special tips that our mothers and grandmothers have shared with us over the years. In the present time, however, even these home remedies aren’t enough to see the same shine and strength in our hair. 

With the changing lifestyles and unhealthy practices of living, the decrease in the quality and volume of our hair was bound to happen. For all those people who are seeking to reclaim the beauty of their hair with the help of a good routine, can follow a few special tips that we will share in this blog. 

Know Your Hair Type 

While trying to come up with a healthy hair care routine, the first thing for people to do is to know the hair type that they have. Quite similar to how the skin texture and skin type of people is different, so is the hair. Identify whether your scalp is oily or dry, whether the texture of the hair is rough or smooth, what is the volume etc. Questioning such things will help you to buy the right products and also zero in on the right schedule to follow. 

Comb Your Hair Right 

Another major tip to develop a good hair care routine is by giving yourself the time to find the right comb. A comb is used to entangle your hair and is oftentimes one of the biggest reasons for damaged hair. It is pretty obvious that if you don’t have a wide toothed comb or a hairbrush with evenly placed bristles, it will put pressure on the tangles, taking out a huge chunk of your hair each time. Invest in the right comb and also make sure to keep it clean always.

Wash and Shampoo Properly 

Now that you have identified your hair type and chosen the comb that runs smoothly on your hair, the next thing to allot in your routine is the shampoo you need to use to wash your hair. A good shampoo will infuse a new type of life and shine into your hair and also ensure that they don’t break as often. Usually our body is quite adept in providing all the important nutrients to our scalp and roots however, the ones that the body lacks, can be provided with the help of the right moisturizing essential oils infused hair washes. 

It is important for the people to be especially gentle while massaging the shampoo in their scalp as forceful rubbing can lead to extreme hair loss. 

If you use the right shampoo, it will not only ensure the health of your hair but also save you a ton of money on plumbing. Showering causes a good amount of hair fall which leads to the clogging of the drains for which the help of an emergency plumber in Solihull is always needed.

Oil Your Hair Now and Then

A major aspect of hair care is oiling, which people often stress over. Oils are needed by the scalp because a dry scalp usually makes the roots weak, further leading to extreme hair loss and untimely balding. Hence, a good hair care routine will always have one or two good hair oiling sessions in a month or so. Of course the time intervals between each oiling session will differ depending on the scalp type, however even the oiliest scalps must be massaged once in a month to stimulate good blood flow in the roots. The aspect of allergens also must be kept in mind, as some oils like coconut oil for example, left any longer than necessary,  might become the reason for breakout in the individuals.

Trim Your Hair Once in a While 

Cutting or trimming of your hair is also something that people must practice once in a while. Especially when their hair naturally develops split ends. Split ends as per a study are caused by abrasions associated with hair grooming. A myth regarding trimming is that it will increase the volume of the hair which is not true. It is good for increasing the length only and cannot influence the volume of your hair in any way. 


Apart from the listed tips to develop a good hair care routine, eating a healthy and clean diet is one that cannot be dismissed. Only when you’re eating the right stuff, will you get all the nutrients needed by your hair to prosper. Follow all these steps and see a drastic improvement in the quality of your hair!

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