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6 Skincare Tips for Men in Winters

6 Skincare Tips for Men in Winters

Men’s skin is ever so difficult to redeem, with us men already not caring much about it. Now I’m not saying it’s all of us, but surely that’s the case with most of us, more specifically in the winters. 

The adverse effects of the dropping temperatures can bring about chapped lips, flaky skin and an all together old man look! It’s important that you suss out the best ways to cater to your skin’s needs, especially during the chillier days.

You might be proactive about your skin all throughout the year, but the winters are a different breed. There’s a few changes in the things you are already doing that can go a long way in helping your skin in the colder months. 

Here are six things to keep in mind this winter for the glowing skin you all deserve. 

Don’t Just Use Water to Wash Your Face 

Washing your skin with just water can seem efficient and relatively easier, but the skin, especially the face, needs more than just H2O. It is also imperative for you to know the water you’re using isn’t hard water. The ramifications of that is another issue.

The most fundamental step in skin care is to invest in a good face wash for yourself. After all, a face wash unclogs the pores, clears the excess oil from your face and leaves you with a radiant face. 

It is imperative to select a face wash for your skin type, YES you could have oily skin, or dry or one somewhere in the middle. Choosing the right one for your skin type is a must and should be a part of your grooming kit. 

Go for Weekly Face Masks 

The season to be winding down those deep cleansing masks is here, but do you really need those right now? A hydrating mask in these cold dry winds could do you so much better. The cold temperatures can and is leaving your skin quenched for moisture!  So getting rid of the excess sebum should not be the first priority. 

Even so, a CBD infused mask could go a long way in giving you the fresh soft skin you want. Using CBD oils topically can reduce inflammation and you could also just use delta-8 THC gummies from all the stress of taking care of your skin. 

Get Some Sunscreen 

With winters comes the urge to go out and soak up all the warm goodness from the sun. but along with the warm goodness comes the dangers of getting skin burnt and even worse to have skin damaged by harmful UV rays. You could regulate your sun sitting times, but there’s something better you can do. 

The weapon against both skin burns and the UV rays is Sunscreen. Sunscreens add a protective layer using a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to the skin and are your best friends against direct sun exposure in the winters. .

Moisturise for the Win 

The fourth step of this six-step guide is to flood your barren lands of skin with the hydration it needs and deserves. You can’t have your skin resembling the dry lands of the Mojave, desperate for the littlest drop of water. As winters suck out the water outta your skin, you can’t keep washing your face every hour. As a matter of fact, that’d leave your face drier even! 

A moisturiser for your face and one for the rest of your body is imperative to have, to steer you clear of all the negatives of dehydrated skin. 

Use a Chemical Exfoliant Instead of a Scrub

Washing your skin can be really good and effective for your skin, but there’s more you can do. Exfoliating your skin, to remove dead skin cells can be a real game changer. But if your skin gets wind-burnt and chapped, exfoliating with a scrub would only lead to bigger disasters. So how do you get over this conundrum? 

Exfoliants are the answer you are looking for, to rapidly heal and prevent any further damage. With your skin more vulnerable to damage, switching over to chemical exfoliants can be a good help. These work on a granular level by dissolving dead skin cells and are less irritating than the physical abrasive stuff. Just be careful not to overuse them. 

Start Using Balms 

As nature dials down the thermostat and cranks up the winds, the deadly combination cahps all the exposed skin. More likely it’s on your hands and majorly on your face is where you see the flaky-ness. That’s your calling to start using skin balms. Now these aren’t your regular old chapstick you use for your lips, thanks to their denser, more protective formula they protect and heal your skin. 

There’s all sorts of these balms, defensive face balms, post shave balms, repairing hand balms and whatnot. The underlying fact is that they also help protect your rough skin in a great way. 

Just check the ingredients list and avoid straightforward emollients like petroleum jelly, since they really just shield the skin without adding any additional nourishing benefits.

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