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A Millennial’s Guide to Food Trends in 2020

Millennial’s are well known to be trend setters. They bear the banner of making strong statements. And in 2020, they are taking initiatives to make all the wrongs, right. Nowadays, it’s all about prioritizing health and environment. You can see their responsible attitude with the choices they make. Right from the clothes they wear to the products they use. Everything is aiming towards the goal of a better planet and a healthy body. 

And this attitude is also apparent in the food choices of the millennial’s. They are getting organic, eating healthy and choosing convenient options. So, no they are not munching on some junk food and creating a mess. Rather, their choices have created new food trends which are worth a try.

Are you a millennial trying to hop on the bandwagon of responsible food trends? 

If yes, then I have a list that will guide you through some of the top food trends of millennial’s in 2020.

Choosing environment friendly options

With the rise of environmental issues, it is amazing how proactive millennial’s are in terms of better food choices. One of the major waves in food industries is veganism. We know how some breeding farms are unhygienic and inhumane. And the millennial’s took a step by letting go of all meat products. If not vegan, most of them are opting for plant based options. 

It is no joke. There is the notorious impossible burger and several fish substitutes. You can even find a steak made of watermelon ! 

Not just meat, millennial’s also waved goodbye to waste. Now they choose food places that promise zero waste. It’s even a trend on YouTube. 

Fermented Food for a healthy gut

Now, there is a great buzz about keeping your gut healthy and happy. There are several probiotic supplements in the market. But, gut bacteria in food form is known to be more beneficial. And which food has the maximum number of healthy bacteria? Fermented food. For this reason, the fermented food industry has risen remarkably. 

There are several items out there. But, some of them have blown out of proportion as a healthy option. One of them is Kombucha tea. It is a brewed tea fermented with the help of a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Another popular drink is Kefir which is basically yogurt with a drinkable consistency. 

Getting rid of those toxins

Toxins are unwanted. You must remove them from your system. And millennials know how beneficial detoxifying food is to maintain their health. Fruit bowls and salads are one thing. Nowadays, the most popular type of detox is with cold pressed juice. Not only is it highly nutritious, but it also cleanses your system. You can also find people walking around with a rather pricey bottle of black colored water. It’s nothing but alkaline water packed with minerals and vitamins.

Another way millennials detoxify is with shots. Especially turmeric and ginger shots. These tint bottles are very convenient and promote good health. 

Saying no to processed food

Every other person is hitting the gym or trying other workouts to stay healthy. But we know it is not just physical work that yields a healthy body. But no matter how many salad bowls you have in a day. Every other food item in your house, from bread to beans is processed. But, now millennials are very particular about what they buy and eat. Processed sugar is avoided at all costs and most of them have started consuming home cooked meals. 

People have started keeping personal cooks. And in a world of internet, you can easily find a digital resume which can make this hiring process even easier.  But, if you want to cook by yourself, several services are available that deliver all the ingredients for a healthy meal. All you have to do is combine, cook and eat.

Dairy alternatives

Whether you are lactose intolerant, vegan or enjoy plant based products. With more than 20 alternatives to milk, you can choose from a wide variety. Which ranges from coconut and soy to almond and cashew. Similarly, butter can be replaced with coconut oil, olive oil and some even use avocado to get a creamy texture. As for yogurt and ice cream, there are endless ways to recreate these products without using dairy. 

Going dairy free is not just helping avoid animal atrocities but is also very beneficial for your health. It promotes healthy skin and can also help you lose some extra pounds. 


Whimsical and irresponsible who? These food trends only smell of responsible choices. They are harmless and are only advantageous for your body and your planet. 

If you want to be a responsible millennial just follow these food trends. Also, share them with your friends and family. After all, it is an era of sustainable living. 

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