Minimalist Living and Aesthetic: Do They Go Hand-In-Hand

Minimalist Living and Aesthetic: Do They Go Hand-In-Hand

Minimalism is an idea of a life that revolves more around what one is, has in their own capacity and can create out of their sheer purpose. Then it moves on to getting things that fulfil their basic necessities, the bare minimum and nothing too over the top. 

But a minimalist aesthetic is the facade you give your house or your lifestyle to make it look a certain way. It’s how you present your life, the way you decorate your house and workstation, the hues you use on your walls and the type of furniture you use. 

The aesthetic is a current trend, using pastels or monochromatic visuals, simpler decorations and paintings, not too much glamour or glitter. But the lifestyle is more about how much you own rather than what it looks like. 

While both can very well go together in perfect synergy, a combination of both is not necessary.

 Minimalist Lifestyle

This could mean a bunch of different things for different people but it inherently means simpler living. Lesser distractions around you, more time for things that matter. 

This could mean living in a small apartment with the basic necessities of food and clothing, or it could mean owning minimal clothes and items around the house. You could be a minimalist with completely bare walls and no decorations or you could be one who doesn’t prefer using any electronics, unless completely necessary. 

This lifestyle couldn’t care less about the colours you use around the house, or the pattern of your sofa. The whole idea is to move away from trivial matters like these. 

As a lifestyle, minimalism isn’t just about indulging in lesser unhealthy or straining activities, it’s also a way to relieve yourself of any unnecessary stress that comes with living a loud life. 

Minimalist Aesthetic

Unlike the lifestyle, this definitely gets more attention. This one’s more about decorating your house in a simpler way, but doesn’t necessarily mean you’re owning less. A black and white abstract painting is still part of decor, that isn’t exactly essential. Not that anything is wrong with decorating your house, we’re just stating the obvious differences. 

Pastel curtains and a matching sofa are great to appease to your sense of minimalist decor, but it doesn’t necessarily speak minimalism. 

Lifestyle vs Aesthetic

The minimalist lifestyle isn’t the easiest to adopt. You have to get rid of a lot of excess and even when you might not want it anymore, throwing stuff away is never easy. Not only do you have to cut short on what you have, but what you will own in the future. 

You become more mindful of how you spend your money and where. What you eat and how clean it is. What gadgets do you own and do you really need that many? 

But when you’re simply moving towards a life that’s aesthetically minimal, you’ll probably end up buying a bunch of new decor for your apartment to give it that vibe. Which means more stuff, more money spent, especially on non-essentials. 

Not very minimalist, is it?

Minimalist Lifestyle and Aesthetic: The Perfect Duo

The two are different, they’re basically the opposite sides of the same coin. Combining both the aspects into your life can create the perfect life, not too demanding or distracting but aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

Imagine this: Sitting on your bed in a small cozy apartment as you enjoy some Delta-8 flower strains and work on your sketches, or write poetry, or create music, or do anything that you could never actually find time for. 

Minimalist lifestyle helps you get away from things that don’t matter, make you think about what you want to keep and what is to be discarded. As you realize the importance a thing holds in your life, you’ll be able to find time for it too. 

There is no time like the present to embrace this.

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