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This is Why Raw Dog Food is Beneficial For Your Pooch

You love pooch and you just want the best for your four-legged companion. Especially when it comes to their food, you will want to feed him the best. Diet is a very important part of a dog’s health. That’s why switching your fur-companion to the raw food diet is one of the best decisions you can make for him.

Fresh meat is significantly healthier, immunologically speaking. A raw food diet is the healthiest way to feed your canine. Some of the most common benefits are:

Beautiful Coat Condition

The first thing you will notice in your favorite canine is the coat of your fur-companion. About 40% of protein your dog eats goes into his0 skin and coat. That’s why if you feed your dog a low meat protein, cereal-based diet, he will not have enough protein to grow a healthy coat. However, the raw dog food diet will give your dog healthier skin and coat.

Dietary needs are fully taken care of in a raw food diet. The raw food diet is high in protein and fresh fat. These two work together to give a luxurious and shiny coat. You don’t have to give extra fish oil or add a ton of supplements. You just have to let nature do what it is supposed to.

Dental Hygiene

Some meat on the bone will improve your pooch’s dental hygiene and reduces bad breath. Fresh meaty bones will help your dog’s teeth by cleaning them. Chewing raw meaty bones not only helps your dog’s teeth, but it will also help his gums.

Gums of your dog will be cleaner and healthier. Raw meat and bones do not allow for plaque to build up, and crunching of small bones by your four-legged friend will naturally provide scaping for his teeth. They are a good source of calcium and roughage for cleaning the gums and teeth naturally.

Say no to Allergies

Many of the food allergies in dogs are because of wheat and corn. You are making your four-legged companion a bit more healthier by eliminating wheat and corn from your dog’s diet.

An ESA letter may let you hasslefree in your apartment, but taking care of allergens is something you will always have to do. Stop all the allergy drama and huge vet bills, and make your pooch happy.

Better Digestion And Firm Stool

Giving your pooch raw food will make him work his jaws and teeth to chew on the meaty bones and the fleshy meat. He will enjoy eating food slowly. Chewing more will lead to secrete more gastric juice which ultimately helps food digest properly.

Dry food has a huge amount of salt, sometimes as much as there is in salted peanuts. Due to this, your pup (if fed dry food) will drink a lot of water and will cause a higher quantity of urine. And not only the toilet problems, but it will also fuel scandalous amounts of kidney disease in your dog. Fresh food is also easier to digest than cooked food.

Therefore, Consuming a raw diet will help your dog excrete firmer and smaller stools. Also, the stool from this raw diet will also produce less smell, unlike the one from dry food. The small and firm stool will also help your dog to absorb more nutrients.

It will be easier for you too to pick and throw the waste. I’m sure you don’t want to clean up a dog’s liquidy stools. God, no! So, save yourself from the problem too by feeding your fur pal raw food.

Better Physique

These carnivore canines need protein (and fat). If you feed your pooch a diet rich in proteins (raw meat), he will shed the carbohydrate-fuelled fat and you’ll be amazed to see his beautiful, sleek and firm body.

It will keep your dog to stay lean and strong (unlike you, who took the gym subscription for a year and now is sitting on his couch with a fat belly and reading this). And less weight means fewer health issues. But this doesn’t mean that your dog will go skinny, no.

This protein-rich raw diet will help your dog lose fat without losing muscle mass. With a raw diet, you can protect your pup from dog obesity.

Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

Have you ever wondered why wild dogs and wolves mostly have fewer health problems and diseases, unlike our domestic pooches? One of the biggest reasons for this is their diet.

They eat raw meat frequently which gives them a better immune system. The raw diet contains a lot of fatty acids along with many nutrients that boost the immune system. Raw feeding can even protect your pooch from inflammatory conditions significantly.

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